Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed some of the questions we are most frequently asked, but if you have any queries at all please call us on 07799810567


Q: Is your work guaranteed?
A: As an accredited Vaillant installer, we can offer between 5 and 7 year parts and labour warranties on all Vaillant products. In addition where I have sourced products on your behalf, these are usually covered by their original purchase guarantee, along with 1 year’s labour warranty from Pro Gas.

Q: Can you supply the products I need and can you buy them for less than me?
A:  Boilers and Gas Equipment: Yes. We have a variety of sources we use for our boilers, and as we buy quite a lot we can often get better rates than you will be able to. Additionally, we have the peace of mind that in the unlikely event a boiler is damaged or missing something ‘out of the box’ we can return it to our local supplier for speedy rectification!
Bathroom suites: If you know the exact bathroom you want it is likely we can get a discount for you. Alternatively you can choose from our wide catalogue selection and again, we can supply it at a superb rate to you.

Q: Does the boiler have to be situated on an outside wall?
A:   Not necessarily. With the advent of room sealed, fanned flued appliances, it is possible to locate the boiler on an internal wall. We would need to carry out a site survey to ascertain if it is possible in your case.

Q: Can I run a decent bath with a combi boiler?
A:  If you have a decent water pressure at your incoming supply and a correctly rated combi boiler, then YES, you can of course run a proper bath with a combi.

Q: Will you/the job, be messy.
A:   The job may be messy depending on what it is but we will meticulously use dustsheets and take great care to contain the work area, so when we are finished , you won’t ever know we have been! (apart from the shiny new boiler or bathroom!)

Q: How long will the job take to finish?
A:  We always provide a time estimate and explain if there will be any pauses during the job for whatever reason (eg/ waiting for a newly plastered room to dry before second fix). We work fast and efficiently and do our utmost to stick to our predicted time frames.

Q: Will you dispose of the rubbish from the job?
A:   Certainly. If we know there will be a significant amount of debris from a job we will cost a skip into the price of the job.

Q: Do I have to be at home while you’re doing the work?
A: No, not at all, unless you want to be. Very often a customer will leave us a key and go about their normal daily work routine (or home routine). We always lock up and post the key unless a prior agreement to keep it for the duration of the job is easier. If you would rather be there during the work, that’s fine as well. It won’t affect our work rate either way.

Q: Can I have a written quote?
A:  Certainly, we provide a written quote for all larger jobs (such as boiler or heating installs, new bathrooms etc).

Q: Can I speak to one of your past customers
A:  Absolutely, as part of our recommendations scheme, we will include the phone number of two recent customers of Pro Gas who are happy for other customers to contact them to verify the quality and integrity of our work.

Q: I have ‘British Gas Cover’ or ‘Homeserve’ cover, do I still need it?
A:  Our boilers have a long warranty, for parts and labour, so if the boiler is serviced each year you could save yourself 5-7 years cover if you cancel. If it gives you peace of mind though, jsut leave it in place.

Q: Do you do smaller jobs?
A:  Yes, no job is too large or small

Q: I work during the week can you come and see me in the evening or at the weekend?
A:  This is not a problem for us. The vast majority of our customers work 9-5 Monday to friday, so we are quite used to looking at jobs during weekday evenings or on weekends.

Q: I’ve got an emergency, can you come today?
A:  We offer a 24/7 callout service, we can nearly always make it same day and we can offer advice over the phone to help till we get there!

Q: Can you fit me an XYZ boiler
A:  Yes, we can. We realise sometimes cost is the only factor (for example landlords) and we can install different makes of boiler as requested. However be aware that there is a reason some makes are cheap, and that is because they are not in the same league reliability wise as Vaillant or Worcester Bosch.
Q: I want a Worcester, why do you say Vaillant?!!
A:  We can install both makes of these boiler, but our favoured make is Vaillant, due mainly to their ease of servicing and maintenance. If you have your heart set on a Worcester, we can install one and are also Worcester boiler trained engineers.

Q: Are you insured?
A:  Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

Q: Can you organise a joiner, plasterer, tiler or decorator if needed?
A:   Absolutely. As well respected Sheffield Plumbers with a lot of significant jobs under our belt, we have access to all manner of reliable trades people and offer a complete ONE STOP SHOP as far as property works goes. Just give us a call to discuss your needs!

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